Lifecare as a Service

Lifecare as a Service offers a seamless integrated package of advanced applications for the social and healthcare sectors and high-quality ICT infrastructure services. Together, these create the prerequisites for patient safety and for the best possible patient care and services.
Lifecare aaS

Lifecare as a Service is Tieto’s solution for a social and healthcare IT system for the Nordic countries, seamlessly integrating applications with ICT infrastructure services supporting the applications. Lifecare as a Service enables applications to be used in new and more innovative ways, increasing the flexibility of your IT operations – flexibility demanded by changing circumstances.

Our operations are founded on in-depth knowledge of the sector in which the customer operates and our detailed understanding of Information and Communications Technology.

We work closely with the customer and we store the data used in our customers’ applications within the borders of the country in question. However, we seek to concentrate service provision in predefined locations in order to benefit from the cost savings derived from economies of scale. These economies of scale result in savings for our customers. The customer pays only for the IT capacity used, making ICT infrastructure costs flexible when needs change, and making it easier for customers to allocate costs to specific business activities.

Lifecare as a Service is provided from Tieto’s Nordic data centres, where the required amount of server and storage capacity plus software is located. The service is provided by Tieto’s shared infrastructure equipped with all appropriate safeguards to ensure that the security of the customer’s data is not compromised.


Simpler ICT services governance

The aim is to safeguard the functionality of a Lifecare customer’s ICT infrastructure and ensure its continuous development as situations change. Should a customer so desire, Tieto is able to take over full responsibility for the service availability of the Lifecare solution, where the areas of responsibility for the different elements of the IT system are clearly defined regarding the overall functionality of the system. This also simplifies the governance of the customer’s ICT services.


Lifecare as a Service adapts as needs change, enabling optimization at the business system level. In using Lifecare as a Service, customers can pick the components they require, using them to supplement their own service provision; customers can also purchase a comprehensive Lifecare as a Service delivery.


Use of the software platforms and the ICT infrastructure services encompassed by Tieto’s integrated solution is restricted to authorized users only. This means that the ICT infrastructure solution is isolated from the surrounding data network and all data is located at Tieto’s data centres, all of which comply with official requirements for such premises. As a whole, Tieto’s ICT infrastructure services for the social and healthcare sectors and Lifecare as a Service comply with official auditing requirements.


Rapid technological development has enabled ever more powerful and more cost-efficient IT equipment with shorter renewal cycles. Its large volumes mean Tieto is more capable of exploiting this trend than smaller organizations. Utilizing the latest technologies and shared standardized ICT infrastructure solutions means we are cost-effective and able to offer competitive prices.

What does Lifecare as a Service offer?

For IT managers

•    Significantly reduces the cost and complexity of service governance and provides a good user experience 24/7
•    Built for continuity and locally based – the service is provided by the experts and the technology resources of the leading IT service organization in the Nordic countries

For top management

•    Optimizes the entire care process andevery stage of the value chain
•    A secure and comprehensive solution for service provision in a changing operating environment


The Lifecare as a Service platform is constantly being enhanced with SaaS-type services released quickly whenever indicated.

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