Financial services industry insights

Fancy having more than 80% of your customers satisfied with your services, meanwhile increasing sales conversion rate from 10% to 30%? What if you could triple your product renewal rates via digital channels?

We have helped several of our customers to achieve such results. Read more how you can benefit of smart approach – which combines Mobility, Collaboration, Cloud and Big Data - to find opportunities for new revenue sources by creating value adding customer-centric services. 

Think smart - think customer!

Digitalization is bringing new opportunities for banks. Those that invest in front-end solutions will become smart banks capable of delivering superior customer service that helps them build revenue.

Are your customers seeing someone else?

We’d like to think that our customers are loyal, but it turns out that they are pretty fickle. Professor Micael Dahlén explains why it is so important to listen to your customers, who can easily have their heads turned by attractive offerings from your competitors.

Customer-centric banking

Trust in banks has taken a knock. How do you rebuild that trust and promote superior customer service that encourages loyalty? Sami Uski argues the case for customer centricity in an increasingly competitive market.

How to get started - the case for co-creation 

We examine how co-creation is helping us to work better with our clients to nail down the value that they want to achieve. By enabling us to deliver realistic project expectations and include all stakeholders in the early stages of decision making, we can ensure success.

Customer oriented service design – the case for field research 

Asking the right questions during a project is essential to its success. Katarina Segerståhl considers why we should all draw on our inner field researcher to probe stakeholders so we can really understand how things work.

Reducing complexity in core banking

Core transformation is essential as a way of improving operational flexibility and engaging with customers. Niklas Jansson tells us about the need for a proven, flexible, customer-centric core and service-oriented architecture.