Tieto Financial Services Consulting – Realizing the business needs of the financial services sector

Successful change starts with knowledge and understanding.
Tieto FS Consulting’s highly qualified consultants have extensive experience from both high ranking consulting practices as well as line management roles within the financial services business community. The competences include Business Consulting, Change Management, Program- and Project Management; as well as managing the architecture and system development. Successful change starts with knowledge and understanding.

Tieto see a growing demand for business knowledge within IT – and vice versa – a growing demand of understanding of the technical possibilities within business. Facilitating a culture of innovation is a key management issue. New actors are entering the financial business, actors that have seen the possibility to create new offerings for a growing number of customers. The environment for banking, payments, pensions, insurance as well as capital markets will undoubtedly look different in a couple of years. We work in this environment every day – changing the perspectives for our customers. 

With the financial industry in continuous change driven by customer demands, technical development and enforced legislations, the need for knowledge and understanding of these rapid changes is ever increasing. Transformation and innovation is the key for success! This is Tieto FS Consulting’s area of expertise. We bridge the gap, offer business understanding, knowledge of IT, and the ability to drive and facilitate innovation and transformation. And knowledge in leading change processes is the key to transformation.

Contact us to share your challenges and vision – we are happy to share our knowledge and facilitate and support you in your transformation for the future.