Engaging Banking Experience

Deliver a better banking experience by reaching and engaging customers when they are making financial decisions whilst increasing the convenience of transactions.

End-customer’s expectation of services to be introduced faster, to be mobile and personal regardless of time, touchpoint or device means that a you as bank need to provide excellent service, advise customers and push personal offers.

We offer a collection of engaging banking solutions for consumers and corporates at all touchpoints, assisted by virtual advisers and intelligent customer insight engines.

Benefits of our solutions

Engaging Banking - Tieto

Personal Finance AppCollection

Improved customer experience, with a personalized collection of modular online banking services by a bank and its ecosystem partners. New revenues by advising customers on their situations and enabling personalized offers of new services.

Proactive banking 

The bank participates in its customers’ lives and their everyday situations through pushing proactive notifications, providing offers and new advisory services for mobile banking. It’s about reaching customers everywhere.

Digital Branch

Improved customer experience and efficient customer services by providing assistance through phone, chat, video and messaging solutions, leading to the transformation of physical branch offices into digital advisory via virtualized customer services.

Intelligent Banking

New revenues and improved loyalty through pinpointed, targeted offers, segment-of-one marketing, and listening to your customers in order to understand consumer behavior and the changes needed for continuous service innovation and sales.