Improving your customer experiences

Providing an engaging customer experience in banking gives you a competitive edge.

Digitalization is driving major transformation regarding customer experience in banking. New social ecosystems and rapid consumer technology development is changing consumer behavior and expectations: customers expect pro-activity, more personal service and offers. The need for financial advisory is remaining but expected via digital channels and fit for customer’s situations.

On the other side, new regulations are redefining the role of a bank whereas consumer buying possibilities and decisions are affected by social media.

Meaning digitalization really is about new business models and ecosystems, addition to what new technology enables for customer experience. This presents a major opportunity for banks, insurance companies and retailers to re-think and improve their services for consumers - together.

Key objectives to an engaging banking experience:

  • Omni-channel customer experience - provide a more personal collection of services for consumer situations
  • Reach customers via mobility proactively with context driven personal proposition
  • Better customer service anywhere via virtualized advisory
  • Leverage on customer insight and predictive analytics for better service and more accurate personal offers for customers’ needs
  • Enable power of the crowds and social networks for better finances
  • Opening of bank interfaces which enables the introduction of new services for customers in larger ecosystems of a bank, insurer, retailer and many more new service providers

Business benefits with digital customer experiences

  • New revenues and improved conversion by reaching customer with pro-active personal sales messages on consumer’s life situations
  • Increased loyalty driving for advocacy
  • New business models and innovations within partner ecosystems
  • Reduce the cost of serving customers
  • Free resources for business from running IT with cloud and standard solutions

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