Secure your competitiveness in power distribution


Biggest changes in decades

Nordic datahubs, the supplier-centric model, market facilitation, increasing micro-generation, exploding data volumes, and tightening service reliability regulation will descend on distribution service operators, DSOs, within only few years. Moreover, end-users are demanding constantly more reliable energy distribution, less outages and lower energy transfer prices, combined with flexible and efficient digital services.

Pitching these demands against the day-to-day operating, investment and maintenance requirements for the network leave DSOs very little manoeuvring space. Digital, automated processes and services are therefore crucial for success in the new market situation.

Cloud solution equips you for the future

Distribution companies can achieve multiple benefits – easy network management, improved reliability and better customer satisfaction – with Tieto Smart Utility.

It is a cloud solution that automates key processes to enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs. It digitalizes all the various information flows allowing better task and staff allocation, fewer errors and shorter recovery from disruptions. Digitally stored data guarantees fast and accurate reports, and efficient analytics enable investment simulations.

Tieto Smart Utility offers scalable and flexible services specially customized for Nordic companies and includes a regulatory guarantee. The very low initial investment allows you to start using the services immediately.

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