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Tieto Experience Hub

Discover ground-breaking innovations as viewpoints, industries and cultures collide.

Speed up innovation with co-creation

The XHub nurtures design talent, bringing together experts from different industries and facilitating real-time conversations with customers and the larger audience. In Tieto XHub, we bring our customers around the same table to create entirely new business concepts around strategic topics.

You can add value and accelerate innovation with XHub using our tried-and-tested tools – from workshops to hackathons to roadmapping.

Ksenia Avetisova

Head of Enhanced Reality Lab, Strategic Innovation Lead, Data-Driven Businesses

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Disrupt business habits to find fresh innovation.

Added value

Disrupt business habits to find fresh innovation.

Collaboration and intensive workshops for fast realisation.

Rapid results

Collaboration and intensive workshops for fast realisation.

We bring experts together to accelerate innovation.


We bring experts together to accelerate innovation.

In the spotlight

Design Sprint - taking Intrumhack’s winning ideas forward

Intrum refreshed their perspective and opened eyes for new innovations with the help of an external hackathon.

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Community based innovation won the Intrumhack challenge

The hackathon winners developed a concept around building a digital support community for people in the similar financial situation.

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So you've run a hackathon.

What next?

Find out

Tieto and pension insurer Elo

Innovating digital services to promote occupational well-being

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The Gravitational Slingshot of Innovation

Read the 3 main steps: how an idea can take off, gain momentum and enter the market.

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Key features

Business X-industry workshops

Half-day hands-on business innovation workshop that brings multiple stakeholders together to produce high-impact concepts. Facilitated by Tieto XHub experts and invited guests.

Design projects

World-class team to make your new business concepts come to life through cutting-edge design. Visibility and validation with customers through Tieto XHub social engagement platform.

Hackathon factory

Tieto customer experience management (CEM) and Industrial Internet come together with start-ups and the tech and design community to find new solutions in agile, hands-on, rapid prototyping marathons.

Digitalisation canvas

A strategic communication tool, including global trends, research analysis, field study and modelling of opportunities. Innovation concepts roadmap and pilots overview.

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