Spearhead in SAP solutions

integrated_sap_solutions_548.jpgNew technologies make vast differences in business performance. With our Integrated SAP Solutions you’ll be ready to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.

 We have developed our own SAP implementing methodology, based on ASAP which aligns best, agile parts of ASAP and Tieto project methodology. Because we have focused on Nordics for several years, we have gained good industry knowledge, which has been utilized when developed our own Integrated SAP solutions. Integrated SAP solutions are solution extensions fully integrated with SAP. Investments on competence development and project methodology with strong local presence and industry experience ensures our consultants can design and implement right solutions to you and help you to achieve your business requirements for the SAP projects.

Extensively trained and experienced consultants

We invest in every consultant’s competence development more than industry average. Our consultants training programs comprises of skills, competences and technology trainings. Each solution area has it’s own lead consultant who is able not only to design right solution but lead development team during implementation phase. All the consultants are encouraged to take SAP certifications, to ensure we can design and implement right solution to you with the latest technology.

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