Open source builds on individual talent and true collaboration

Open source represents the new generation thinking in technology and IT solutions – having strong roots in collaborative development and innovation methods that are empowered by dedicated IT professionals networking globally.

Customers of today expect maximum flexibility and fast implementation to always support their business agenda. They also want to make sure that the solutions and services fit their needs and are affordable over time. And they want to get free from the struggle with complex and limiting license and vendor lock-in. Open source has the right answers for all of these needs.

Tieto adds extra value to open source

We bring benefits for all types of customers from product development companies to organizations seeking reliable partner in IT solutions development, maintenance and support for operative service.

We add more value to our customers by managing the complexity of open source license jungle and offering ready-to-use validated building blocks to speed up the precious time-to-market. We build innovative solutions that fit customer needs – with dedicated support and maintenance. All this gives you more freedom in your daily business.

Open source: benefits in-a-box

  • Operational flexibility – no vendor lock-in and easier to switch to other software
  • World-class innovation – harnessing the power of communities world-wide
  • Open standards – easier integration and adoption
  • Reduced costs  – with lower TCO and support costs
  • Support for open source platforms – you get the same level of support from Tieto than you get for commercial products from software vendors.


Markus Mannio
Head of Open Source and Intellectual Property