Tieto DevOps space

Global and agile development drives the demand for faster, more flexible and more cost-efficient access to design, integration and test environments.

Cloud-based development and test environments with end-to-end orchestration features enabled by self-service catalogue based dynamic environment provisioning and management with maximum flexibility and scalability.

What Tieto provides

What Tieto provides

Tieto DevOps space solution provides developer centric, self-service catalogue based, dynamically provisioned environments to projects and teams — utilizing modern cloud-based development and test solutions mixed with legacy tools & equipment.

Tieto DevOps space is delivered as SaaS or Enterprise installation.

TDS challenges

Business case


Business case

As a Service solutions:

  • Sandbox for customers and partners
  • ​Interoperability & certification
  • Development efficiency
  • Agility, quality and effectiveness
  • Operational support savings
  • Less teams who develop, operate, maintain and support tools
  • Tools and licenses
  • Reduce number of licensed tools
  • Optimize usage of available tools
  • Infrastructure
  • SaaS: pay only for what you use
  • Enterprise installation: Less HW needed to host tools and operations

Powerful deployment in a few clicks

We offer fast and easy deployment and hosting of all dev/test environments you will ever need using our environment store. Benefit from predefined, integrated and well tested and proven best-practice environments. Of course you can also build and define your own environments.

Manage and connect with ease

Manage environments settings and capacity with ease and connect to environments with simple clicks.

Advanced user management and security

Manage users, roles, access rights, permissions and network security rules directly from portal. Control access to deployed environments with ssh-keys and sudo-rights.

Book devices, connect and be productive

Things get exciting when you can connect your environments to various lab equipment and devices using our lab management functionality. It's literally a question of a few clicks to book lab equipment and connect to it.




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