CR long-term plan

We are convinced that our long-term success as a company is connected to our part in improving the environmental and social conditions in the world. This requires a business model that takes into account all aspects of corporate responsibility, covering our own operations. partners and suppliers as well as our services. Therefore, sustainability is a natural part of our daily business operations and integrated into our whole value chain.

Based on our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises we have a corporate responsibility (CR) long-term plan, which is focused on our impact throughout our value chain. Our high-priority CR aspects have been identified together with our stakeholders in a materiality analysis.

Our long-term CR objectives are to:

  • Create value for our stakeholders
  • Be an ethical forerunner in the global society  
  • Minimise our environmental impact

To us, Creating value for stakeholders means creating value for our immediate stakeholders as well as society as a whole. By delivering sustainable IT services and solutions to enterprises and society, we help to improve economic, societal, as well as environmental conditions in the world. At the same time we help to increase our own profitability, which is crucial for our long-term success as an innovator, employer and taxpayer.  

Being an ethical forerunner in the global society means that we want to show a good example as a corporate citizen across our countries of operation. Our approach is summarized in our Code of Conduct policy and related rules, and is not only compliance-based but intended to create a culture of responsible business. 

Our environmental footprint is mainly caused by energy consumption in offices and data centres, and business travel. Hence, to us, Minimizing environmental impact means reducing energy consumption, increasing energy efficiency, and replacing business travel with online conferencing options. The bigger opportunity, however, lies in reducing emissions in other industries through innovative IT solutions and services.We are committed to increasing the environmental friendliness of our data centres, and implementing solutions that improve customers’ sustainability as well as in society at large.

For a more detailed presentation of our CR long-term plan and performance, please read our Corporate Responsibility Report 2015