We care for the environment

We support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges and a responsible way of conducting our business operations. We continuously examine ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of our activities


The management of our environmental impacts is mainly focusing on energy consumption for running data centres and offices, on business travel, and use of paper and other consumables. Hence, to us our CR long-term objective to minimize environmental impact means reducing energy consumption, increasing energy efficiency, replacing business travel with online conferencing options, and minimizing printing and consumables. In 2017, our total reported CO2 emissions decreased by 34 % to 24 ktons CO2 (28).

Our Environmental Rule applies to all employees in all countries. We also have an Environmental Management System (EMS), which is compliant with the ISO 14001 standard. Approximately 90% of of our employees were covered by this EMS.

To implement our environmental approach throughout our value chain, we have complemented our Code of Conduct Policy with a separate Supplier Code of Conduct Rule, which is implemented into all new supplier and partner contracts. Among many other things, this Supplier Code of Conduct Rule requests an EMS in line with the ISO 14001 standard or equivalent.

We believe that digital solutions are important vehicles for reaching the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, e.g. to help combat climate change. We have measured the positive sustainability impacts of IT since 2010 by calculating the CO2 emission avoidance enabled by the use of our digital transaction services and other identified services replacing paper. Based on our calculations, the CO2 emission avoidance in 2017 amounted to 75 ktons with these services alone.