We care for the environment

We support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges and a responsible way of conducting our business operations. We continuously examine ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of our activities

Our environmental impact from business operations is mainly related to energy consumption in office premises and data centres, and to business travel. Therefore, our climate initiative focuses on how to increase energy efficiency in offices and data centres, and how to reduce business traveling. In 2015, our total reported CO2 emissions decreased by 3% to 31 ktons (32).

Our Environmental Rule applies to all employees in all countries. We also have an Environmental Management System (EMS), which is compliant with the ISO 14001 standard. Thanks to successful certification projects in 2015, the number of employees covered by ISO 14001 environmental certificates are now 95% (62%). 

To implement our approach throughout our value chain, we have complemented our Code of Conduct Policy with a separate Supplier Code of Conduct Rule, which is implemented into all new supplier and partner contracts. This Supplier Code of Conduct Rule is based on the UN Global Compact principles and also requests an EMS in line with the ISO 14001 standard or equivalent.

International recognition

Our environmental initiatives have resulted in both awards and recognitions. In 2015, we were recognised by CDP for the transparency and quality of our climate change data, receiving a score of 98 B in the CDP Climate Change Report 2015 (scale 1-100, band E to A).

In May 2011 our new energy efficient data centre in Finland, Espoo area, won the internationally renowned Green Enterprise IT (GEIT) Award. The recognition from the US Uptime Institute came in the Beyond the Data Centre category. In December 2011, the data centre was ranked among the most energy efficient data centres in the world by the prestigious Wired Magazine.