Tieto Sustainable SIAM - Creating business value in a multi-supplier environment

Multi-supplier environments are increasing fast. As a result, it is becoming continuously more complex to provision IT and business services. In order to stay focused on their core business, organisations have started to look for efficient ways to outsource the management of their supplier environments. There is a huge business value to be gained.
There are four common challenges in a multi-vendor environment: 

Transparency and accountability
Lack of end-to-end transparency, ad-hoc reporting, lack of accountability for final
business outcomes

Communication and compliance

Inadequate sharing of information, lacking understanding of business KPIs.

Sourcing agility
Missing agility due to lack of common tools and processes, customer may pay for services not in use.

Service excellence

Each vendor focuses on their own SLAs, overall business expectations are not met.

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) is the way to overcome these challenges. For us SIAM means:

Coordinating and managing a customer's IT services from both internal and external suppliers, consolidating them into end-to-end services that meet the business needs and requirements for performance, quality and cost.


Creating business value with Tieto Sustainable SIAM

SIAM will change the reality of IT outsourcing

Efficient SIAM will make a change in each of the above challenges. SIAM will change the reality in multi-vendor service provisioning all the way, from buying to delivery and governance.
What will change with SIAM

SIAM is about creating business value

SIAM makes outsourcing what it should be: a way for your in-house IT to take a more strategic role, focusing on the future, instead of managing existing solutions. 
By centrally managing and integrating business services, derived from a multi-vendor environment, SIAM will increase your efficiency and agility as well as reduce the time to market for new services and products. This way, the outsourcing ecosystem will turn into a source of competitive advantage to your organisation. SIAM will empower you to capitalise on the opportunities of digitalization by re-allocating resources toward the development of value-adding services and customer experience.
In short, SIAM is the way for your organisation to ensure you get the true value deriving from the outsourcing of services - aligning what vendors deliver with what the business really wants. 

What is it in practice?

There´s no single approach to SIAM. Tieto´s model is based on our experience of working in the world of outsourcing for more than four decades. Tieto Sustainable SIAM is built as below:
How to set up SIAM
  • In our model, Tieto assumes the role of Prime SIAM Supplier integrating each supplier and service tower under one service desk with a single point of contact and support model, and orchestrates and monitors multi-vendor, end-to-end business services. 
  • The Customer organisation owns and drives strategic SIAM functions such as demand management, supplier management, contract management and so on.
  • The service towers can be either IT services, such as infrastructure, or business services, such as employee onboarding. 

Tieto SIAMPlease read more about our approach and recommendations regarding SIAM in the whitepaper.

Read, and you´ll find answers to:
  • How does SIAM work?
  • How to know, if it´s right for you?
  • What is a sustainable SIAM model like?

Would SIAM be right for your business?

There are several drivers for adopting SIAM; some are based on simple cost savings, while others focus on more strategic outcomes. See here a checklist of situations in which SIAM is the right choice.

How to get started?

When considering to deploy SIAM, the best way to start is to make an assessment of maturity in five key areas:
  1. SIAM readiness and governance
  2. Business service requirements
  3. Process maturity
  4. Roles and skill needs
  5. Tools and reporting requirements
We recommend that you carry out this exercise as a joint workshop with us. 
Work with Tieto, and we’ll help you to create a comprehensive roadmap for your SIAM journey - identifying your low-hanging fruits and short-term must-haves, but also setting the wheels in motion for greater business value as the world of IT outsourcing continues to evolve.

Why choose Tieto as your SIAM partner?

The best reason for choosing Tieto, is our ability to deliver the full scope of SIAM.
Business Value
We know the outsourcing business and have shaped its evolution. With us, you will be able to shape its future - for your benefit.