Financial BPO

Whether you’re a bank, credit provider, leasing specialist or machine builder with your own leasing business, you can purchase our software and process knowledge as services. You can focus on your clients while we take care of the rest.


Emric manages the origination process from application to contract approval


Emric manages the administration process from contract to full settlement/repayment of the loan, lease or deposit

  • SAAS

Purchase the software as a service and manage the process yourself

Our Financial BPO helps dozens of clients to handle their lending and leasing transactions. We can help you manage the process from customer contact and applications to documentation and payment procedures for a wide range of credit, deposit and leasing products:

  • Unsecured Loans
  • Secured Loans
  • Deposits
  • Corporate Credits
  • Leasing

The level of service is decided by you and it can be ramped up or down depending on your needs:


The software is installed in your own IT environment and adapted to your needs. You manage the process yourself.


If you want to rest assured that IT Operations are taken care of without you having to worry about them, you can buy the software as a service. In our SaaS solution, software support, BCP and backup routines come as standard. Your own employees handle your business operations, but Emric will make sure you have a state-of-the-art software solution that you can rely on. 


It is also possible for us to take care of not only IT Operations, but also customer service and administration of your business. Our Financial BPO is suitable for companies that are starting up or want to reduce costs of origination or portfolio servicing. Our technical skills and market knowledge enable you to make the most of service synergies, all with the benefits of transaction-based pricing. For a financial start-up, Financial BPO by Emric ensures a considerable reduction in the ramp-up time from business concept to full operation. We have the process knowledge and system support in place to facilitate a kick-start!

Emric joined the Tieto group in September 2016. Read more >



Måns Larsson
Senior Sales Manager