Integration platform as a service

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) and Tieto Integration Appliances aaS are part of the Tieto Cloud Services portfolio. We offer you a well designed set of cloud based services to support the core areas of IT in applications, middleware and system infrastructure.

Clever integration is key

In most companies, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is the most important part of the IT environment as it ties the business systems and IT systems together. IT systems have been built during several decades - based on different technologies and vendor solutions. Therefore clever integration is in a key role to make business critical processes work 24/7. Customers’ evolving business processes demand flexibility in IT systems and therefore the integration platform must support this demand optimally.

Get the benefits of the cloud service model

With the new iPaas offering customers are able to get the benefits of the cloud service model also in their Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) platforms. iPaaS means true flexibility as it allows customers to increase or decrease capacity based on the real business needs. iPaas also offers a new level of built-in security and availability, based on standardized platform, tested environment and a dedicated competence team. Tieto IPaaS is built with Tieto expertise and with IBM world leading technology: IBM Integration Bus, IBM MQ and IBM Systems: Power

Tieto iPaaS service elements 

  • Scalable solution for all EAI customers
  • Scalable solution for all business application needs from 8/5 to 24/7 service
  • Based on leading EAI technology vendor – IBM
  • 99,99 % service availability
  • Pay as you use pricing model

Tieto services are delivered as private PaaS model to guarantee customers’ data security.

Tieto integration Platform as a Service

Tieto iPaaS means an outstanding combination of a team of experts, deep understanding of technologies and IT systems and knowledge of client´s business situation and future needs.

Tieto's Integration PaaS offers:

  • Cleverly cost efficient - pay-as-you-use pricing model which offers better total cost of ownership, scalability and estimated direct savings between 10-30 %.

  • Cleverly flexible and competent to meet the evolving business needs.

  • Cleverly standardized and shared to meet the quality and reliability requirements 24/7

Tieto Integration Appliances aaS

Tieto Integration Appliances aaS provides an appliance-based integration platform with hardware capacity and included virtual appliance licenses as a maintained service, fulfilling the availability and security needs set for the platform. Even if the hardware, licenses and hosting are shared between multiple customers, the platforms are private and for one customer only.

The service delivers an integration platform such as IBM WebSphere Cast Iron or IBM WebSphere Data Power XI-52 integration appliance platform. The service is based on a virtualized x86 architecture capacity layer on top of which the virtual appliance is set and for which the integration platform hosting service provides maintenance for ensuring the availability of the service.

Service deliverables

  • Integration platform based on IBM Cast Iron and/or IBM DataPower Integration Appliance
  • Appliance management
  • Automated monitoring
  • Automated backups
  • Service reporting


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