Traditional infrastructure services

We provide traditional infrastructure services for applications that cannot be moved to cloud platforms. Many reasons exists why applications require traditional virtualization. Most often licensing is a driving factor, with applications requiring older software or operating system versions coming in at a good second place.

For applications that cannot be virtualized, Tieto offers standard physical capacity services. Tieto Capacity services are designed and based on high quality physical blade servers that are located securely in our datacentres with the right combination of shared and customer dedicated capacity.

Virtual capacity

When private or public cloud based capacity does not fit your needs, Tieto’s Virtual Capacity provides operating system ready, scalable capacity infrastructure for Windows and Linux virtual servers. Tieto provides standardized virtualization platforms that are mostly based on VMware technologies, Microsoft Hyper-V and Linux KVM.

Physical capacity

For those cases where consolidation to virtual environments is not an option, physical capacity might be needed. For these situations we provide the needed capacity from our blade capacity solutions.

The Physical Server Capacity Service is an industrialized, standardized and secure physical blade server platform that uses high-quality physical blade servers located securely in our datacentres. The service is managed and monitored centrally and provides a physical blade server platform based on the latest technology with high performance and quality.

Tieto Cloud on Power – capacity for AIX, IBM I and Linux

Tieto Cloud on Power service provides also traditional but modern and scalable infrastructure for AIX, Linux and IBM i environments running on IBM Power platforms. It provides the highest level of performance, RAS, and security in its category – and helps customers to optimize their total cost of ownership with less capacity needed, often significant sw licence savings, etc


A multitude of large companies still rely on mainframes and applications developed on these systems for their critical workloads. To care for these customers, we provide mainframe services and capacity from our Finnish datacentres. High availability is ensured through using mainframes from two datacentres, along with the latest hardware and software versions and employing professional operators with years of experience.

Mainframe Operations Management provides infrastructure services for the applications of Tieto’s customers. These services include capacity planning and maintenance, the management of various mainframe subsystems and facilities required to maintain the mainframe environment. The service also includes service management and related reporting.


Tieto’s Storage Capacity Services are designed to be highly redundant and scalable in both performance and capacity to meet the most demanding customer requirements for data availability, performance and capacity. We use the latest storage technologies from the leading storage vendors to provide SAN and NAS storage services. Our storage capacity charging is based on reserved/allocated space on SAN and on used space on NAS storage.

In our private cloud products, the storage is part of the platform’s capacity and highly automated.