Tieto Cloud Server

Tieto Cloud Server (TCS) is an evergreen private IaaS cloud service that provides continuity, speed and reduced costs for customer business solutions. It is a pay-as-you-use service that can be taken into use with only a few easy steps and within an extremely short time frame compared to traditional solutions.

Tieto Cloud Server capacity can be delivered from shared or dedicated platforms. Tieto monitors, manages, operates and maintains the cloud platforms, and plans the scheduled maintenance breaks. Tieto also takes care of operations, tools, processes and storage.

The Tieto Cloud Server self-service portal provides usage, financial and cost reports. Tieto Cloud Server provides pre-configured (template-based), automated capacity provisioning services. Tieto Cloud Server Info portal provides server performance related reports via self-service.

Tieto Cloud Server On-site

When on-premise local capacity is required anywhere in the world, Tieto can provide that as a managed service, seamlessly integrated into our cloud management tools. This is often a favored approach especially in the manufacturing industry.

Tieto Cloud Server On-Site (TCSO) provides dedicated IaaS capacity services for business applications running on customer premises. Typically, these applications are integrated into the production, automation or local infrastructure services.

Tieto Cloud Server care services provide management services for individual On-Site servers in the same way as for the centralized platforms. Our care services includes management, backup and restore services.

Tieto Cloud Server On-Site platforms use a centralised provisioning and management system, so the same easy tools and processes used in centralised datacentre infrastructure services can be used no matter where the capacity is located. The on-site platforms give full support to run services in any type of remote locations.

Easy and fast self-service 

Key to Tieto Cloud Server's speed and ease of use is its automated self-service portal. Once you're signed up, you can create a new server with a few clicks and it'll be live in a matter of minutes. Decommissioning capacity is just as simple, making Tieto Cloud Server totally scalable - you can be sure you always have the right amount of capacity, at the right time, in the right place.

You'll also never struggle to manage capacity from multiple sources, as the portal provides total visibility of your servers and their running costs - you're always in control of what you use and what you pay.

Why choose Tieto Cloud Server?

So, why should your business choose Tieto Cloud Server over another infrastructure-as-a-service offering? There are six good reasons:

  • Speed - order or decommission a server in a matter of minutes. Tieto Cloud Server can rapidly scale during spikes in network activity, provide temporary testing environments, or simply grow with your business.

  • Security - store data in a secure data centre close to your operations, or even on-site. Tieto provides capacity that complies with the rules and regulations unique to your industry.

  • Care - Tieto Cloud Server always comes with the care package of your choice, so there's someone to look after your service at all times.

  • Simplicity - manage your daily capacity needs and your full service base with a single view and stay in control of your spending with the easy self-service portal. Anyone can use Tieto Cloud Server, not just the IT department.

  • Integration - Tieto Cloud Server comes integrated into your existing networks.

  • Cost savings - pay only for the capacity you need. Reduce costs through a minimum commitment of only one day. Save an average of 40 percent on yearly license fees.