What can mobility do for you?

As consumers we have embraced the mobile revolution in our private life, just have a look around you on the subway on your way to work. As the value becomes clear, enterprises are now equally excited about the opportunities.


Mobility is changing the way of doing business

The opportunity with mobility for enterprises is not limited to getting corporate e-mail to your phone. Mobility provides exciting opportunities to interact with your customers, partners and suppliers, empower your employees and connect things to your business. Mobility will increasingly be a core enabler of competitive differentiation and enterprises and organizations that seize this opportunity and embrace mobility will benefit beyond only improvements in efficiency and productivity. Mobility is transforming entire business models, service models and revenue models – entire industries. Mobility must be defined as business critical, as it will be changing the way of doing business.

Welcome to Tieto Enterprise Mobility

Since the birth of mobility, Tieto has assisted Nordic enterprises to capture the value of mobility, across industries. We are ready to identify and explore opportunities together with you in your unique business context, accelerated by our industry business process expertise.

What we offer is unique. The capability to advice you in two dimensions, from the first initial idea across the full service lifecycle, but as well integrating with complex, business-critical backend systems. With powerful alliances & partnerships and being the largest IT services consulting company in the Nordics, we have the competence and capabilities to advice and support you on any technology choices – including complex IT-transformation projects. We know how to make mobility work for you.