Office 365 by Tieto - Cloud Based Voice (Cloud PBX)

Tieto brings Microsoft public cloud based voice services to Nordic customers

With the entry of cloud based voice services, the whole voice services market is undergoing a major transformation. Cloud based voice is a game changer boosting productivity and cost savings in an unseen way.

Tieto is a featured Microsoft partner offering deployment and managed services based on Skype Operations Framework

Skype Operations Framework (SOF) is a comprehensive guide and toolset for implementing and managing a reliable, cost-effective communications service based on Skype for Business. It covers the entire customer lifecycle, including planning, delivery, adoption, operation and migration.

It is a multi-faceted approach to the successful deployment of and migration to Skype for Business Online, incorporating four key elements that have the customer success firmly at the center.

Tieto Cloud Based Voice

Tieto provides a full range of high quality services around all Office 365 workloads from planning, deploying and management point of view. In Skype for Business and Cloud PBX solutions we are fully aligned with the Skype Operations Framework. Regardless of your current solution, cloud on non-cloud, Tieto can support you to modernize your productivity solutions with the latest technologies provided from Office 365 platform.
Our end to end approach guides you through organizational assessments, architecture design, user enablement, end-user training and adoption. These activities work in harmony to achieve the success outcomes of a great long term user experience.
Office 365 by Tieto - Cloud Based Voice

The benefits in brief

Put it simply, the value a customer will get, are three.

End-user productivity increases as all functionalities a user needs will be found in one workstation, via one client. No need for traditional phone systems.

Agility comes from fast and flexible deployment, and access with any device, anywhere.
Cost savings are remarkable, as all components are in the public cloud and there is no need for on-premise systems or traditional telephone exchanges. The investment pays for itself really fast. Instead of making for example 130 separate supplier agreements to cater for your voice services, you will just need one.

Main functionalities of Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX is voice from cloud - traditional telephone network services integrated with Microsoft O365 public cloud services. Cloud PBX offers:
  • O365 manageability and integration

    Natively integrated, easier and more productive 

  • Flexible deployment options

    Fully public cloud, private or hybrid

  • Call management and PSTN calling

    Dialling out to phone numbers, hold, voice mail, call forwarding

  • Anywhere access

    Any device with internet or land line connection is all that is required

  • The security, compliance and control features that enterprises require

​Tieto supports a customer all the way

To be able to benefit of the game changing technology, an organisation will need an experienced partner, competent and certified in these Microsoft products. Tieto is the partner with the needed know-how and delivery capability for Nordic enterprises and public sector organisations.
Tieto´s services range from planning & deploying, to running & adopting to enhancing the solution for a customer. We will be your support all the way from technical implementation to continuous services, including trouble shooting and service desk. 

Why Tieto?

We can offer you a full service, the whole package of voice services. We can provide them to you as a separate voice solution, or as part of a bigger holistic solution - including licenses, if you so wish, due to our Cloud Solution Provider agreement with Microsoft.
Tieto is a major Unified Communications service provider, among the market leaders in Scandinavia, with a long and successful track record with voice services. You can safely trust your employees to join our existing 250 000 Skype for Business end customers.
Let us help you move your voice services to the cloud! Do it now, and you´ll have a chance of being there before your competitors.


Jussi Ranta
Product Manager