Google Services by Tieto

Tieto and Google have joined forces to introduce a complete set of tools for any enterprise: tools which end-customers value, business demands and employees favour.

Watch the video to find out what services include and how to take them in use.

Services are designed for individual use, fitted for business and integrated to the whole ecosystem. A new choice for anyone seeking more value from IT.  

  • Gmail: Communicate the way you want with email, chat and video calls 
  • Calendar: Organize your life effortlessly with tools like smart scheduler
  • Drive: Collaborating as easy as creating, accessible from anywhere
  • Google Talk & Hangout: Connect people and ideas in your company
  • Google+: Social enterprise

Tieto’s value added services ensure that your transition to the world of Google will be smooth, safe and rewarding. We will support you in every step of the process, including strategic planning, delivery, support and training of your employees.

Google Services by Tieto allows your employees:

  • communicate
  • collaborate
  • connect people and share ideas
  • organize time and tasks

This allows you to become a social enterprise

Faster time to productivity with Tieto

Be sure to succeed! Clear workstreams of change management, project management and technical configuration ensure users have the best possible experience.

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