Easy IT for end users

Users have access to modern tools and collaboration features independent of their device, with a multivendor Service Desk with various contact channels and self-help options, plus flexible on-site support, available at all times. Productivity services from the cloud allow unified operating models and work environment for the end users.

Users have different needs and requirements. Regardless, you need to improve overall end user productivity and collaboration while managing device complexity.In addition, if you want to ensure business continuity and security, you must improve on your support model, which might be fragmented and act reactively.Finally, you should ask yourself whether your existing setup contributes to improving cost-efficiency.

You can empower your end users by providing always-available, easy-to-use, mobile-enabled productivity tools.Role-based services ensure everyone has the right tools for the job while avoiding application overload and the resultant confusion.A proactive support model, including a multi-vendor, SIAM-compliant Service Desk, prevents disturbances and interruptions before they happen.You save through consolidation, automation and self-services.

Always-available, easy-to-use, mobile-enabled productivity tools 

  • Savings through consolidation, automation and self-services 
  • Role-based precision services 
  • Proactive, preventive support model 
  • Multi-vendor, SIAM-compliant Service Desk

Service portfolio

End user services include the following offerings:

Service Desk with multi‐vendor capabilities ensures that issues are not bounced around or, in the worst case, forgotten. Vendor governance and coordination is a key element in providing solutions fast and thus maintain and improve end user satisfaction.

On‐site services come in many flavours and can be tailored to fit your exact need. On‐site services can be used traditionally by dispatch or having dedicated personnel at sites. Another possibility is to establish a walk‐in centre in key locations where end users can pop in at any time convenient for them.

Workspace services are a comprehensive set of tools that improve the way we work.

Communication and collaboration services bring all the modern tools for communicating, sharing and improving productivity at work. Team sites enable collaboration between colleagues, partners and customers. Services are based on public cloud deliveries, or if business requirements so demand, Tieto‐ hosted solutions. This means they are always available on any devices.

Microsoft productivity services

  • Tieto Productivity Cloud, O365
  • SharePoint team sites
  • Email and Skype for Business
  • OneDrive for Business

Google productivity services

  • Google Apps for Work
  • Mail, Hangout, Sites
  • Google Drive