Tieto Productivity Cloud SQL Server

Solid cloud database performance for business edge

Today's working life is all about results and efficiency. We all deserve to enjoy work while delivering, as our business and personal lives are seamlessly connected. The Tieto Productivity Cloud SQL Server (TPC SQL Server) improves the way we work​.

TPC SQL Server

TPC SQL Server offers, delivers and manages an SQL Server Platform as a Service (PaaS) from a Tieto cloud. 

The service is designed to meet the increasing corporate needs for productivity, flexibility and scalability. It is a rapidly deployed service that delivers proven cost-efficiency and reliable high availability operation to keep you focused on your core business.

Embrace the possibilities

  • Take control of your business

An effective and proactive way to get control of your SQL Server driven applications.

  • Use the power of SQL Server without the complexity

Allow people to be their most productive by providing
SQL Server performance and avalibilty the way they need them, thus creating flexibility and business agility while providing a enjoyable user experience.

  • Access data securely and collaborate

Store your back-end data on enterprise cloud storage allowing you to access your data securely from within your application at all times.

TPC SQL Server is a standardized and automated platform service for database hosting. TPC SQL Server consists of capacity from TPC infrastructure, automated management, monitoring of all related components, and SQL Server specialist support for both incident/problem management and service/change requests.

Service packaging

  • Reporting

TPC SQL Server will give you the insight to your back-end system to proactively enhance your business and take control of your business logic.

  • Scalability

Get the performance you need without the complexity, allowing TPC SQL Server to grow with your business.

  • Availability

Get the stability and availability that your business deserves. TPC SQL Server provides you the infrastructure to meet your needs.

  • Monitoring

Active monitoring give you a proactive edge in your business by showing when, where and how your system interact to the back-end by using stored trend analysis.

  • Horizontal Service Offerings

Any role optimized service delivery can be enriched with select common-to-all service components. The resulting service will thus be just right for each user group and customized for your business needs.

These pre-defined value adding components can be taken into use from the start of the delivery or at any suitable time thereafter.

Service levels and licensing

The TPC SQL Server is available with different service levels to accommodate for your specific availability and redundancy needs.

The needed infrastructure capacity is provided from a shared Tieto Productivity Cloud environment.

TPC SQL Server offers a flexible license model optimized for the organization where it is deployed. It offers the choice between SPLA licensing, where Tieto provides the licenses, and License mobility, where your existing licenses are used when available.