Third Platform PaaS

Tieto’s third platform is built on mobility, analytics and cloud. It is glued together by an integration layer that enables the exchange of information and the ability for businesses to collaborate as ecosystems to generate value. These collaborations in ecosystems are enabled by consuming API services through an information exchange.

Tieto Integration Platform as a Service provides a platform for rapidly integrating business services. Tieto Integration PaaS is designed to fulfill commonly needed functionalities for different integration requirements including Application Integrations, API management and Cloud Integrations. Tieto Integration PaaS provides the full stack from infrastructure to continuous services for your Integration needs as a private cloud solution delivered from Tieto’s Nordic datacentres. Tieto Integration PaaS reduces time-to-market for new business services that are powered by system integrations.

Tieto Big Data Platform as a Service becomes the key enabler for realizing the value of new data assets. The changing regulatory landscape around data privacy and data protection makes it necessary to address the issue of data locality when implementing solutions that rely on personal data.

The Tieto Big Data platform brings with it real-time machine learning capabilities to build adaptive services using advanced statistical and computation methods. Businesses are able to leverage a wide range of machine learning and deep learning algorithms to build value added business services and business insights. Both are needed for coping with digital disruption.

With the increasing digitalization of business processes and new data sources from social media, sensors and e-commerce, organizations have recognized that Big Data presents a new opportunity that is transforming business intelligence into a forward-looking process. At the same time, Big Data is also seen as a challenge, owing to its new complexity as well as its required niche competencies and new infrastructure investments. By using a cloud delivery model for a Big Data platform solution, organizations can “begin small and grow big,” without compromising data security, computation needs or cost predictability.

Tieto Java Platform as a Service provides the middleware layer (both open and proprietary options) to create solution accelerators to the Third Platform while also supporting conventional business applications. Java continues to remain the preferred platform for most business applications. Java is also a foundation for value added services such as Business Process Management and ERP.It supports the complete application development lifecycle including application development, deployment and execution in the cloud.

Tieto Productivity Cloud BizTalk Platform as a Service unites enterprise application integration (EAI) and business-to-business (B2B) integration, addressing integration challenges from the enterprise to the internet. It provides a standard gateway for sending and receiving documents across the Internet, as well as providing a range of services that ensure data integrity, delivery, security, and support for the BizTalk Framework and other key document formats. Delivered from a private cloud, this standardized and automated platform service includes service components needed to host BizTalk.