SAP - Tieto Dynamic Landscape

Tieto Dynamic Landscape for ERP is part of the clever Tieto Cloud Services platform portfolio, helping customers enter the new era of high level flexibility and performance.


Flexible and efficient SAP solution

Companies that use SAP based core systems to support business face a lot of challenges. Reliable management of complexity and costs are essential in rapidly changing business environments. Flexibility is very important. As volumes increase or decrease and customers’ business needs changes, systems and services need to adapt.

All this leads to companies opting for Platform as a Service (PaaS) services – a fast growing IT service that brings a new level of efficiency and flexibility to the SAP landscape.

Tieto Dynamic Landscape for ERP 

Tieto brings a new level of flexibility and efficiency to running and hosting business critical SAP systems. Tieto Dynamic Landscape for ERP (TDL) offers the following elements:

  • Dynamic, flexible and adaptive architecture for SAP systems of different type
    • all possible SAP system components virtualized
    • high-performing, cost efficient storage technology (flash disks, fast cloning to support sudden business requirements, snapshot backups for fast data recovery)
  • Repeatable solutions
    • industry standard Linux server hardware
  • Standardized service guarantee efficiency
    • end-to-end service including SAP Basis administration
  • Dual data centre solution to maximize reliability and continuity
    • high availability architecture

Tieto services are delivered as private PaaS model to guarantee customers’ data security.

Tieto Dynamic Landscape for ERP has a tested environment, ready models for implementations and operations, operational processes as well as tools in place.

What benefits can you gain from Tieto Dynamic Landscape for ERP?

The business benefits Tieto's solution brings are many:

  • Pay as you use: No investments in hardware or technical expertise
  • Standardized implementations and operations: Tested environments, ready models for implementations and operations
  • No need for own in-house knowledge and expertise: Experienced service professionals, dedicated migration project expert team
  • Improved quality: Competences, operational processes and tools in place, 24/7 services available
  • Reduced SAP hosting costs: Standardization, economy of scales and volume benefits, management of SAP application lifecycles. Customers’ cost structure gets lighter compared to the traditional service model.

Tieto's PaaS services utilize energy efficient and high secured data centre facilities in Finland and Sweden, with advanced cloud service capabilities.