Tieto Dynamic Landscape for Databases

- powered by Oracle SuperCluster

For today’s businesses, reliable, scalable and more cost-efficient databases are crucial. The amount of business-critical data is growing day by day, and to be able to manage and analyse all this data to draw business benefits from it, you need to rethink how to best do this.

Thus far, companies have been forced to invest heavily in their database solutions to make real-time use of all the data gathered, an essential requirement in today’s “always on” business. Capital expenditure on hardware, high licence fees, slow provisioning and rigid scalability have become obvious challenges. Large scale in-house databases and most hosted databases are both complex and costly to run.
Now you have an opportunity to change all that.

Tieto Dynamic Landscape for databases is a scalable private cloud solution for your business critical database environments, built on Oracle optimized technology. The service is delivered from Tieto’s datacentres in the Nordic countries and provides instant scalability to fit your day-to-day needs.

Tieto Dynamic Landscape

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Industry first – licences as a service

Licence management and cost are major headaches for those responsible for maintaining corporate databases. With Tieto Dynamic Landscape you never need to worry about licences. You can use the licences as a service package provided by Tieto, use your own licences, or “mix and match” these two alternatives depending on your present agreements.
This reduces your spending on licences by up to 50%.

Unique benefits for your business

Unique to the Nordic market, Tieto Dynamic Landscape is the only private cloud solution using Oracle engineered systems offered from Nordic datacentres. Designed in collaboration with Oracle, it is the only Oracle cloud solution where you can get management licences for the whole platform from the provider. This enables you to build a centralized and consolidated management platform that lowers delivery costs, enforces standardization, increases automation and improves service quality.
Because Tieto Dynamic Landscape is a cloud-based solution, you will have high availability at a moderate cost, scalability to adapt to changes within hours, faster restore and recovery times, as well as state-of-the-art security options, designed for the cloud. Your contract automatically includes the assurance that your database always runs on the latest technologies.
Licence optimization, storage capacity requirements reduced by 30%, security patching included in the contract, high level of automation, the various service level options and the pay-as-you-go fee model allowing you to shift from CAPEX to OPEX, all work together to produce as much as 50% lower TCO for your database.
TCO reduction
If you are interested in moving your Oracle databases to the cloud and cut your costs in half, read more about Tieto Dynamic Landscape and get in touch with us.



Tieto recognized with Oracle Excellence Award for Specialized Partner of the year in Database 

Oracle honored Tieto for demonstrating excellence in database solution, within a broad Oracle Partner Network  of around 50 000 organisations. Specifically for Tieto Dynamic Landscape for Databases solution, powered by Oracle Supercluster.  The award's event was held during the world's largest conference, Oracle OpenWorld, September 17-21, 2016, in San Francisco where all Oracle customers and technologists from all around the world met.


For more information see this video made by Oracle