Business application platforms services

Enabling enterprise agility Scalable hybrid cloud platforms for business-critical applications, ERP systems and databases give high availability and performance while reducing complexity and cost.Application lifecycle management automates infrastructure and platform deployment, accelerating development and application release in multivendor ecosystems that support IoT and Big Data.

When new business opportunities emerge, you should be able to seize them immediately. In your present, fragmented environment requiring high upfront investment in enabling new application development and lead times of months, this is difficult in terms of both manpower and cost. High licence fees and the complexity of licence management further hamper your progress.When the application is finally running, you find that the wild fluctuation in data volumes and manual lifecycle management further strain your resources.

Secure, managed services with up to four-nines availability will allow you to deploy applications for your rapidly changing business needs as they happen and scale computing, database and storage capacity up or down as needed. When application lifecycle management is automated and optimized in a consolidated environment standardized to a high degree, you can keep your costs in control, not least through a flexible licensing model included in the service.

  • Secured, managed services with high availability 
  • Scalable, fast application deployment for changing business needs 
  • Automation and optimization of application lifecycle management 
  • Cost savings by flexible and optimized licence models 
  • Less complexity by consolidation and standardization

Service portofolio

Business application platform services include:

Application lifecycle management and automation

                  Tieto Enterprise Cloud Orchestration (TECO)

ERP and CRM Platform Services

                  Tieto Dynamic Landscape for ERP

                  Dynamics AX and CRM

Database Services

                  Tieto Dynamic Landscape for DB

                  DB2 aaS

                  SQL Server Paas

                  Open Source

Third platform PaaS

                  Tieto Integration PaaS

                  Big Data PaaS

                  Java PaaS

                  BizTalk Paas