Next-generation archiving

Transform your enterprise archiving

As the economy and businesses are becoming increasingly digital, archiving is rapidly evolving from passive document storage into an actively used information repository.

For speed of deployment and cost reduction, customized in-house archiving is being replaced by standardized solutions delivered as a cloud service.

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New efficiency through archiving in the cloud

Tieto Archiving as a Service is a cloud solution for the storing, managing and sharing of your business information.

Tieto Archiving as a Service  accepts any format, up to complete data systems, applications and websites. It further includes analytics to reveal untapped new business or revenue sources.

Usable in a browser or interfaced with your other systems, Tieto Archiving scales up to billions of documents and other data items and gives a good backbone for information sharing to your customers, partners and employees.

Always the right price

Tieto Archiving has a simple, transparent and predictable pricing structure. You only pay a monthly fee that scales to your actual use. The fee includes everything needed to run the solution.

To upgrade your archiving into a 21st-century data trove for boosting your business, get in touch with our contact persons.