Enterprise content management

Content is at the heart of your business

Today’s business is conducted in a triangle.

There are your employees who need information for productivity, identifying new business opportunities, compliance and risk management.

There are your customers, to whom you must provide information to enable self-services and improve their experience with your company.

There are your partners, subcontractors and service providers, who need parts of your information to be able to perform as expected.

Extract maximum benefits from your content

You need to give the correct information to the correct people at the correct times. As one of the leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) service providers in the Nordics, Tieto provides end-to-end services for this purpose, combining horizontal ECM expertise with vertical industry expertise.

  • Consulting to help you in process digitalization, ECM strategies and roadmap, as well as information governance models.
  • Solution delivery and deployment for document management, and case management, and archiving and search.
    • Standard software products with standard domain-specific process support to large enterprises, deployable within a very short time.
    • ECM as a service from the cloud for minimal upfront investment and pay-as-you-use predictable costs.
  • Application service management to take away the burden of management, maintenance and development of existing ECM applications.
  • Product and platform support services for leading technologies, such as Alfresco, IBM and Opentext.

More efficiency, less cost, true digitalization

Tieto is your information orchestrator throughout your business ecosystem. We delivers increased efficiency, reducing your overall cost of information management. You will have improved business control, with stakeholders better finding, managing, using and reusing relevant information.

Read more about case and document management, next-generation archiving or our consulting services – or contact Jouni Seppälä today.



Doreen Rothe
Head of Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
Jouni Seppälä
Head of ECM Sales and Consultancy