Enterprise Architecture – Your guide to digital business transformation

If companies are to make a successful digital transformation, up-to-date and reliable enterprise architecture is essential. Yet it is surprising how many companies fail to maintain this.


Some of the key barriers to change for enterprises include siloed businesses, disparate IT systems and the use of many generations of technologies. Only up-to-date enterprise architecture can be an effective navigator in this complex environment and help companies to reach their business priorities. 


The benefits

Enterprise architecture combines the processes, organization and information systems. As a change management tool, it highlights how elements depend on each other and what impact changes may have.
Above all, enterprise architecture ensures companies can deal proactively with change, instead of just trying to cope after the event.
This helps enterprises:

-    Understand dependencies and implications of change
-    Make better and quicker decisions
-    React faster to disruption
-    Align IT and business strategies to boost business performance

Why Tieto?

Hundreds of Nordic companies have improved their development with the help of Tieto’s experienced, TOGAF certified consultants. We combine the understanding of enterprise architecture with strong quality management and lean and agile development methods. 

Our customers get the full benefits of exploiting industry-specific standard benchmarks and frameworks. 

We guide our customers through each step on the strategic road map, aligning IT and business to gain cost-savings, boost operational efficiency and drive new growth. 

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Kirsi Linke
Lead Enterprise Architect
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