Application transformation strategy - Journeying towards a digital future

In today’s ever-changing dynamic world, businesses are more dependent on digital technology than ever. But are your solutions really supporting your business needs? There are many signs that your solutions might not perform as effectively as possible. For example, a complex portfolio of incompatible applications, unhappy end-users or a multivendor environment across both applications and infrastructure.


One common problem is that many organisations are managing large, separate islands of applications and infrastructures. Such issues may arise as the result of a history of mergers and acquisitions, or simply through sprawl as businesses grow and add new functionalities. But whatever the underlying reasons, addressing these challenges will require a clear application strategy.


The benefits

A strong application transformation  methodology can offer a wide range of benefits to an organisation. These include:

  1. Improved alignment between business units and IT
  2. Increased agility, allowing for better innovation and product development
  3. A simplified application and product structure
  4. Reduced and optimised operational costs
  5. Faster time to market

An effective portfolio assessment together with business, application and infrastructure rationalisation strategy, can help you achieve cost savings of between 20 and 35 per cent, with the benefits realised over a period of two to five years.

Our services

Assessment of your application and infrastructure landscape provides you recommendations to align your IT with business priorities. 


  • A sourcing plan, segregated in waves based on the business importance of each application 
  • An enterprise architecture from both the current and the desired perspective
  • An architectural road map from the current state to the desired state

Transformation services - Transformation of applications and infrastructure, while maintaining alignment with business process and corporate strategy. Includes Decommissioning, Migration and Archiving strategy for sunsetting applications.

Architecture services - Our enterprise consultants bring best practices in business and technology, based on the industry standard of TOGAF 9.1. 

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) - We provide a process-driven service integration and management to support and streamline multi-vendor environments.

Consulting Services – Our team of enterprise and solution architects can help customers on their digital journey by developing a clear roadmap towards complete business transformation. 

Why Tieto?

By choosing Tieto as your application strategy partner, you can take advantage of our 45 years of experience in technology and business transformation. Our comprehensive service and product portfolio gives you the capabilities necessary to manage the full IT stack, from business process know-how to application and infrastructure development and management. 

Our strong Nordic heritage and local presence helps us understand your business, and is combined with the muscle needed to deliver nearshore and offshore efficiently. 

We offer strong business process understanding in areas such as Retail Excellence, Banking, Payments, Pension, Insurance, Energy Utilities, Manufacturing Production Excellence, Supply Chain, Logistics, Government and Telecoms.

Our extensive alliance ecosystem also gives customers access to products and services from major technology vendors including Microsoft, Oracle, Google, SAP, IBM, Amazon, HPE and Apple, among others.




Himadri Das
Lead solution manager, Application management & development