Application services – for your business success

The pace of business is accelerating. But this creates a risk that existing processes and applications will not be able to keep pace. In order to improve agility, operational efficiency and business growth, there is a need to ensure business continuity and at the same time experiment with new services and technologies.

The key is making use of what you have today to build a solid foundation for your business efforts of tomorrow. 

Prepare for growth with improved efficiency 

Customer benefits

Up to 30% better cost-efficiency by 

  • Orchestrating your infrastructure and applications; identifying what needs to be built, what can be optimized, and what to sunset. 
  • Running your applications with efficient operations and maintenance, life cycle management and continuous improvements
  • Process and workflow optimization via automation and cognitive technologies
  • Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) can all reduce the total cost of ownership and increase flexibility.

Up to 35% improved agility and operational efficiency by

  • Keeping Enterprise Architecture up to date and agile to evolve with changing business priorities. Following industry best practices in processes, information handling and applications.
  • Experimenting emerging technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), natural language processing, Rapid Application Development (RAD) and blockchain
  • Deploying DevOps helps teams to speed up development of new solutions.

Incremental revenues by up to 10% by embracing new business models and growth opportunities via APIs, Ecosystems and Business Integration

Why Tieto

The one-stop shop for application and infrastructure services
Our comprehensive service and product portfolio and expertise can manage the full stack, from infrastructure to application development and management.

Delivery excellence: Local, yet global
A strong Nordic heritage with local presence, yet the muscles to deliver nearshore and offshore efficiently, helps teams function seamlessly with a proven operating model. 

Focus on duality: continuity & innovation
We are a large company with a wide set of expertise and resources to secure your business continuity, but are still able to function as a start-up to boost your digital innovations

Strong business understanding
Industry experts and products in Retail Excellence, Banking, Payments, Pension, Insurance, Energy utilities, Manufacturing Production Excellence, Supply Chain, Logistics, Public sector, Healthcare and Welfare, and Telecom.
Technology ecosystem expertise 
Tieto has strategic technology partnerships with major business application and platform providers, including SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Google, IBM.
Expertise in agility
More than 950 Certified Scrum, Agile, Lean professionals are available to provide assistance. DevOps culture, methodologies and tools part of the daily work.
Integration expertise 
With 1100 integration customers, Tieto is positioned by a large analyst house as a leading integration brokerage “operator”. 
Nordic cloud market leader
Tieto is the #1 cloud service provider in the Nordics, with over 150 cloud customers in the region.