Application services

Modernizing applications for the digital world. End‐to‐end application services enable growth, efficiency and future disruptions. An orchestrated application landscape with a view to the future ensures the right focus on applications to build, optimize, retire and harvest. Application development and management frees time and money from legacy to investing in new digital solutions with rapid release cycles.

Behaviour and technology changes are causing a shift in competitive capabilities and core differentiators. You now need to experiment with new technologies and services while securing your existing business. The question is how to free up human resources for development and cut down on the maintenance cost of your legacy systems at the same time.

Tieto’s 45‐year experience in releasing cost and people from legacy provides you with industrialized IT solutions that ensure business continuity and productivity. Competencies and intellectual property combine with DevOps, partners and customer experience management to create the best Nordic partner for application modernization.

  • Experience to release cost and people from legacy
  • Industrialized for business continuity and productivity
  • Competencies and intellectual property
  • DevOps, partners and customer experience management to create the best Nordic partner for application modernization