Signaling professional services

In a business that is characterized by constant change, make sure to get ahead of the competition - use Tieto Professional Services. By network audits, training, expert consulting and installation that work through the lifecycle you may minimize interoperability problems and maximize performance.

Telecom operators, network equipment providers, software suppliers, system integrators and application developers are all facing new demands and challenges on how to improve business. You need to be proactive, drive change, handle costs, analyze and change the network setup. To handle the challenges you need support with installation, training, customization and expert work,  in all phases of the lifecycle – from pre-sales support to life end operations.

Tieto's professional services will significantly reduce your operational costs and includes everything from installation, deployment and customization, to expert consultation, signaling network audits and training.

As an R&D consultancy, we can provide you with expert consulting for any tailoring, application adaptation or integration of Tieto signaling products. We assist many of our customers with the actual application development when such capacity is needed – as well as run and participate in testing activities on many different levels. Installation: We can assist and give your organization a quick start when using Tieto Signaling Products.

Expert consulting: Use our expertise and routines to assist in specific questions regarding your signaling solutions.

Training: To achieve a better and faster understanding of our signaling products, we perform standard or tailored training sessions.

Signaling network audit: Many different types of sources can possibly cause signaling network problems. Having different versions and standards of signaling resources may lead to interoperability problems. Network impact analysis can be required if network expansion is planned by the operator. A flexible onsite analysis of your network. This service will assist operators to evaluate network availability, review configurations and detect performance problems followed by cause analysis and recommendations.

Signaling product deployment: A Signaling Product Deployment can be done onsite or remotely by one or several Signaling Experts. We generally recommend onsite presence.


With more than 6 000 Telecom experts implementing all types of Telecom nodes  we have the application know-how. As the leading supplier of signaling solutions to the telecom industry since the 1990s, we have the deep expertise and state-of-the-art solutions in networking technology that are needed for you to be the best. We help our customers be more efficient when time-to-market is crucial by providing solutions quickly and at a low cost.

Short facts

For many years, Tieto has used agile development and R&D efficiency as important offerings with our R&D services. We help our customers improve their own development processes and we give them a quick start with our installation/deployment services.

To achieve a better and faster understanding of Tieto signaling solutions, we offer standard and tailored training. Our training courses are delivered by approved trainers who cover areas such as products and protocols, application programming, installation and configuration. Most of our training sessions include theory and practical exercises.

There are many things that can cause signaling network problems. For example, over-utilized links or congested nodes can cause subscriber problems like lost calls and congestion. Different versions and standards of signaling resources may lead to interoperability problems. A signaling network audit provides a flexible onsite analysis of the network.