5G and next generation networks

The evolution towards 5G has already started. The industry is currently moving from visions and demonstration of concepts towards product definitions and development of the technologies and services needed for next generation networks.

Objectives and use cases depicted by NGNM and other stakeholders have set the scene for the key services needed in 5G, divided into the categories:

  • significantly enhanced Mobile Broad Band (MBB)
  • massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC)
  • critical Machine Type Communication (cMTC)

To meet the demands of the required services, the network needs to be optimized for different Key Performance Indicators, e.g. latency, CAPEX and OPEX, data rates, reliability, power efficiency and flexibility.
Technologies for e.g. centralization, coordination, cloud and network function virtualization (NFV), IP  and software defined networking (SDN), capacity scaling, massive MiMO, beamforming, mmWaves, synchronization, service chaining are all evaluated and introduced in different ways to address the requirements.   

Tieto is involved in various activities related to new technologies, ranging from NFV and SDN to C-RAN and Radio Access technologies for MTC application and next generation network architectures. 

Tieto has a unique position for next generation RAN with extensive experiences and capabilities in Radio Access Systems over 20+ years, covering needed core areas for reliable and competitive systems, combined with, 5 years activities in  NFV and SDN areas, engaging in industry forums and open source communities with the key industry partners.  




Magnus Falkenström
Head of Business Development, BU Radio