Mission Critical Communications

We serve global vendors with R&D services, turnkey development projects and solution building blocks for Mission Critical Industry. Combining our experience with TETRA and TETRAPOL network technologies with 25+ years of experience providing R&D service and solutions for leadings network equipment vendors of public mobile networks technologies (2G through 5G) we are a trusted partner for development of hybrid networks solutions, supporting your journey to next generation of PMR and future 5G.

With our E2E knowledge from devices through the radio access (2G, 3G, 4G and upcoming 5G) and core networks (e.g. EPC, IMS), incl. support systems (NMS/OSS/BSS)  for network visualization and monitoring, subscriber provisioning and  service management we are able to serve our customers across the different domains.

As a leading product and solution development partner for network equipment vendors and semiconductor industry we are heavily involved in the network transformation onto next generation cloud based infrastructure, leveraging Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Network (SDN) technologies, allowing you to prepare and meet future demands. 

We provide R&D services and solutions in the areas of:

  • Cellular Radio access technologies for TETRA/TETRAPOL and 2G through 4G LTE and 5G feature development in the area of modems and base stations development for leading TEMs 
  • Wireless connectivity solutions for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 802.15.4 (Zigbee, Thread),  NFC and LoWPAN ( NB-IoT, LoRa) for devices as well as gateways, routers and access points.
  • Mobile and Fixed core networks R&D and product lifecycle management for core network functions and services (e.g. EPC and IMS)
  • Connected  Devices, both platform software (Android, Linux) as well as applications (Android, iOS) for mobile devices, wearables, Tablets and other connected devices (embedded, IoT, Smart home)
  • Network management and support systems for TETRA, TETRAPOL and hybrid networks (e.g. TETRA and LTE) in the areas of observability, network visualization and monitoring, subscriber provisioning, service management and MVNO management .  Element and Network management for radio and core networks.
  • Signaling and Control products with own product portfolio for integration and development of core network services and functions, providing control signaling routers (e.g. STP, DSC), mediation solutions (e.g. DEA, IWFs, gateways (e.g. SGW) and  protocol stacks (e.g. SS7, SIP and Diameter) for service and node development
  • IoT solutions for on/off-premise connectivity (multiradio, short & long range, Mesh) ,aggregation (e.g. IoT gateways, Smart Home hubs), network connectivity (e.g. IoT access Node ) and applications specific solutions (e.g fleet management solutions)
  • Network function virtualization (NFV) infrastructure development for 5+ years, combined with extensive networking experience and understanding of Software Defined network (SDN) technologies. Creating next generation virtual networks functions (e.g. vRAN, vEPC) for our customers while being an active player in NFV eco-systems (e.g. Intel Network Builders) and open source communities  (e.g. OPNFV).


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