IP networking and SDN

As technology evolves new applications emerge at a rapid pace. In this fluctuating environment we transform our broad experience of legacy communication networks and applications into new software defined solutions.

Rapid data growth in mobile networks creates new needs and opportunities for operators, why a fast transition to next generation service networks is expected.

Merging our growing hands-on knowhow from leading cloud environments (e.g. Openstack and VmWare) with more than 20 years’ experience of research and development within IP switching, routing and network management solutions, we help you build thought leadership, improve and create innovative SDN solutions for virtualized datacenter networks and next generation mobile networks (e.g. 5G) where managing dynamic resources and service quality is key.


With solid base in Open Source Software, plus a proven track record in network virtualization and underlying high performance data plane technologies we bring capabilities exceeding customer expectations.

SDN switch and router development service


We help you build, enhance and integrate SDN enabled high performance switches and routers for state of the art network virtualization of data centers, transport networks and future mobile networks.  We base our domain competence on active contributions to leading Open Source Software (e.g. Open vSwitch) as well as a comprehensive understanding of network control and management protocols (e.g Openflow, NETCONF),  overlay network technologies and network quality of services mechanisms.

With significant experience in Linux embedded development, incl. HW offload of CPU resource consuming tasks (e.g. security) we deliver not only on pure software solutions but also on hybrid architectures where resource demanding tasks are offloaded to special purpose hardware (e.g. iNICs).

SDN controller development service


We help you to build, enhance and integrate SDN controllers for state of the art network virtualization of Data Centers, Transport networks and future mobile networks.  Based on open source, 3rd party, or in house software and develop it according to your needs. We contribute to open source on customers’ behalf and work with leading open source SDN controller software, e.g. ODL and ONOS.  With solid understanding of Openstack Networking we assure smooth integration with Openstack.

Dataplane design and acceleration service


We will bring state of the art carrier grade data plane technologies to your solutions, achieving world class performance in virtualized environments using technologies like SR-IOV, DPDK and ODP.  Close co-operation with different hardware vendors eco-systems (e.g. Intel and ARM) combined with high performance multi-core packet processing, load balancing and embedded development experiences, we do not only provide software accelerated solutions but are also capable of offloading resource demanding applications to special purpose built HW, e.g. crypto and packet acceleration iNICs, improving performance even further.    

SDN networking service

Tieto SDN networking service opens up data plane performance benefits to Network Equipment Providers. It is based on Open Source Software with high performance features—DPDK/ODP and versatile hardening features in supervision, statistics, performance management and integration into legacy NMS.





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