Internet of things solution center

The ARM® mbed™ Device Platform provides the operating system, cloud services, tools and developer ecosystem to make the creation and deployment of commercial, standards-based Internet of Things (IoT) solutions possible at scale.

Tieto IoT Solution Center provides SW development services from silicon enablement through product development and lifecycle management, reducing time to market and improving engineering efficiency when building IoT products and solutions based on the latest mbed™ technology.
The Tieto IoT Solution Center combines Tieto’s extensive embedded and wireless product development expertise across the ARM technology portfolio by providing established and mature software engineering operations with access to commercial mbed OS releases. This will accelerate the product development process and provide the right engineering setup whether building open source, commercial or hybrid mbed supported products and cloud services.
Our engineering service offerings for mbed Device platform

Product Creation for mbed™ products

●    mbed OS bring up and porting
●    mbed OS application development
●    mbed OS feature and module dev & Integration 
●    Product optimization (power, performance, configuration)
●    Interoperability and mbed enabled conformance testing
●    mbed OS product  Lifecycle Management
●    QA, system integration and troubleshooting
●    Apple Homekit compliancy (over BLE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, etc)
●    Google Wave Integration
●    Alljoyn integration

Wireless Connectivity

●    BLE /  BT / Wi-Fi / Cellular / Thread Driver and stack development, porting and integration for Devices & Gateway 
●    BLE / BT Profiles Development, pre-certification
●    Multiradio Co-existence & Interoperability 
●    Routing & Mesh
●    Pre-Certification Testing (BT SiG, WFA, GCF, Thread)

Intelligent Gateway services for mbed Device Platform

●    Multi-radio (Wi-FI/BT/Thead/cellular) and Multi-band (2.4/5/60Ghz) gateway development
●    Linux (openwrt, Chromium) and mbed OS integration
●    IoT Enabled Openwrt linux (integrated IoT stacks, protocols, Linux container support)
●    vCPE Gateways development (Containers, function cloudification, Orchestration)

Connected solutions for mbed Device Server

●    Multiplatform (Android, iOS, Windows) and Multi-device (Smartphone, Tablet, Wearable, TV) mobile application development
●    mbed Device Server compatible Web application and Service development and Testing
●    3rd Party Cloud Service integration and testing
●    web and mobile application SDK for mbed Client and mbed Device Server

SDK and toolchain Services for mbed Device Platform

●    Offline Toolchain integration and migration troubleshooting
●    Integration of 3rd party Tools :IDE, flashing, debugging, tracing, profiling & optimization
●    Continuous Integration, Test automation, defect and Quality management integration
●    SDK Packaging, releasing and maintenance
●    Device Care & Management Tool Development 





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