Signaling stacks

By ensuring connectivity between existing and next generation network technologies you can make the most of network investments. And by combining new and mature services you can protect existing profitable capabilities. We have over 25.000 successful installations worldwide on our track record.

The new digital media eco-system offers tremendous business and technological opportunities. How do you protect existing and profitable capabilities, while enabling the introduction of new services? And at the same time how do you lower you time-to-market, but still do it in your own speed and need without losing customers?


Tieto's solution

Our signaling products make it easy for you. We enable signaling functionality in all networks and services by ensuring connectivity between your existing and next generation network technologies, combining new and mature services and offering a full set of signaling products and services.

Our offering comprises a broad range of protocol components and protocol stacks that include traditional SS7 protocols. It provides an ideal basis for migration to next generation all-IP networks such as IMS and SAE/LTE using SIP and Diameter protocols. With our solutions, you can add signaling functionality to open platforms and build a solid foundation for services such as unified communication, targeted and mobile advertising, SMS solutions, mobile TV and IPTV.

Also, we know that one solution doesn’t fit all. That is why our offerings are backed up by a comprehensive collection of professional services for tailored solutions, installation, training, customization and expert support to handle the challenges.

Our customers depend on a robust and scalable signaling solution that bridges the existing and next generation IMS, LTE and 4G network technologies.

Why Tieto?

  • Extremely robust and scalable signaling solution – built for carrier/telco-grade solutions
  • Many years of experience – more than 25 years in the signaling business
  • Ericsson’s core network nodes use Tieto Signaling Solutions– Ericsson Signaling
  • Deep application and network knowledge – Tieto is the partner of choice among NEPs for R&D
  • Large installation base – over 25.000 installations worldwide

Tieto is the leading provider of telecom R&D services in Europe and the signaling partner of choice to the world's leading telecom providers. We develop telecom applications, platforms, networks and mobile devices. We also provide telecom manufacturers with a wide variety of services to support their business processes. Ericsson’s core network nodes use Tieto Signaling.

More facts

Tieto Signaling Stacks are designed to accelerate the convergence of networks and services providing scalability, global interoperability, fault tolerance, carrier grade reliability, and APIs on open computing platforms.

The Signaling stacks supports a broad range of server platforms and for all platforms both Sigtran and ATM/TDM/HSL bearer technology solutions are available. For an embedded signaling solution consisting of both the Signaling Stack software and the hardware execution platform Tieto can offer:

  • Stack on a Card (SoaC) a signaling black-box board-level-based SS7 solution for Compact PCI where the complete protocol stack executes on the intelligent controller board.
  • Stack in a Box (SiaB) platform provides a complete carrier-grade signaling interface unit for distributed multi-system based telecom applications.

For execution on generally available commercial COTS servers we can offer:

  • Signaling for Linux (SFL) for execution on Linux x86 servers and IBM AIX/Power servers
  • Signaling for Solaris (SFS) for execution on Oracle/Sun Solaris SPARC or x86 servers
  • Signaling for IBM BladeCenter  is a Linux server-based signaling solution for IBM BladeCenter


Tieto signaling on IBM Blade Center video on YouTube, long version (Lars Vänelid, IBM & Anna Brodd, Tieto)



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