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Total rewards

A wholistic view of employee rewards, work/life balance and career opportunities.

We see compensation as much more than just the base pay or monetary compensation – it is the total reward. Total Rewards is a big contributor to employee satisfaction and engagement, which are directly linked to business results and performance.

Total Rewards

Our Total Rewards consist of several components: base pay, benefits, incentives, work/life balance, recognition, development and career opportunities. Base pay levels are reviewed regularly and benchmarked against competing markets. This is to ensure relevant and fair compensation for each employee based on position, performance and talent. We treat employees equally and fairly, even if this does not mean equal increases. High performers will be rewarded with higher increases or other monetary compensations, which can include incentives and bonuses. Benefits vary from one country to another and range from healthcare and exercise vouchers, to insurance discounts, newspaper orders and cinema tickets, among other things.


Addtionaly to base pay our we offer you benefit programme which consist of: private medical coverage, group life insurance, investment fund, relocation package, multi sport card, lunches subsidy, language courses, occasionally gifts when getting marriage or exepting baby, integration meetings and refferal bonus.

Feedback culture

Recognition comes in various shapes and forms and we believe that everyone can recognise colleagues for a job well done. We foster an engaging culture by encouraging employees to give regular feedback to each other, as this resonates with our values to collaborate and care for those around us.

Work/life balance

Work/life balance is an important part of everyone’s well-being. Easy-going work arrangements such as flexible working hours and working-time bank help employees balance and pace their workload and keep a harmonious professional/personal life. This, combined with development and career opportunities, ensures that everyone can impact their own career, influence their work environment and be passionate about the job they do.

We encourage employees to regularly have open discussions with their supervisor about their career goals and interests in order to advance and grow. We back career development, enable employees to maximise their potential and support managers to lead successful development of their team in all phases of their employment life cycle.



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