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We believe in and embrace the power of diverse minds across all sectors and workspaces.

Inclusion is the key to success

Equality is a big word, but from our point of view, it encompasses the idea that there should be the same opportunity for everyone to fulfil their full potential. 

We believe employing a truly eclectic mix of people – looking beyond gender boundaries, ethnicity, religion or belief systems, physical ability, sexual orientation or age – is fundamental to creating an inspirational workplace. For us, diversity is a game changer in innovation.

A diverse workforce creates an environment of open thinking and brings contrasting perspectives to the challenges we need to resolve for our customers.

The task is to create the structures and attitudes for this to happen: Our Open Source Culture and Human Resources' activities are underpinned by our commitment to diversity and inclusion. This starts at recruitment and is a thread through all of our business activities, including salary revisions and talent programmes.

Our commitment to treating all employees with equal respect and dignity is demonstrated in our proven record of supporting and encouraging personal and professional development for all. Our company is defined by our people and we are proud of our inclusive approach. This is demonstrated by the 34 nationalities represented at our headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, and 24 at our Stockholm office.

We encourage applications from people regardless of country of origin, gender, age or physical attributes.


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