Varying challenges solved from one source

Newsprint manufacturers, in a pinch introduced by the revolution moving mass media from tangible publications to online, are facing a continuous decline in demand – to the extent that demand is plummeting faster than factories are shut down. Fine papers and graphic papers are faring better, but overall, paper manufacturers are needing to adapt to a shrinking market. Cost and production optimization are high on their agenda.

Demand for tissue, on the other hand, is growing. The manufacturing landscape is characterized by heavy consolidation, leading to the need to manage huge numbers of different products. Demand planning is a central pain point in this make-to-stock industry as quick grade changes are costly.

Speciality paper manufacturers typically deliver small batches of expensive products made in complex manufacturing chains often involving subcontractors. Waste minimization and production optimization, combined with efficient supply chain management, are important for profitability.

With more than 40 years of experience in the papermaking industry and in-depth knowledge of its manufacturing processes and business challenges, Tieto has a solution portfolio that helps any type of manufacturer effectivize operations. From supply chain management through production optimization to digitalized customer experience management, Tieto can make you more successful in today’s rapidly changing business environment.



Arto Huuhilo
Manager of Competence Area TIPS EA & Design
Antti Blomqvist
Principal Business Consultant