Proactive support and Service Desk

A single-point-of-contact Service Desk with additional self-service facilities provides consolidated support for all ICT services. Further cost-efficiency improvements through synergies have a direct impact on the total cost of ownership. Self-service and self-help functionalities in the portal will also make it easier for the end user to perform tasks faster and more reliably. This increases user satisfaction and reduces maintenance and repair costs.

A Service Desk that assumes ownership of all tickets from submission to resolution makes end users’ daily lives easier. They have a single point of contact that will resolve the vast majority of issues first-hand. If the issue needs to be escalated, the Service Desk will still own the ticket throughout its lifecycle making sure it is not forgotten or ping-ponged between different support queues.

Through the proactive support model, automation and analytics, the number of incidents affecting end users is reduced. The solution is based on workstation health management, leveraging inventory, analytics, reporting and automated actions to remedy possible causes of incidents before they happen.

The SIAM-compliant (Service Integration And Management) Service Desk with multivendor capabilities resolves issues fast with full responsibility, which not only increases user satisfaction, but also ensures business continuity and keeps costly work interruptions at a minimum.



Eija Laamanen