Tieto’s Security Services start-up strengthens its services in line with the increasingly complex security landscape

Tieto’s internal Security Services start-up, launched in January, now strengthens its service portfolio with a Cyber Security Operations Centre and a Security advisory and assessment services to support customers in the midst of increasingly complex security environment and changing legislation.

Digitalization has created new vulnerabilities for enterprises and organizations, and the number and nature of cyber-attacks continues to expand. At the same time new legislation, such as the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is creating new challenges for Nordic organisations.

“Information security is a hot topic at the moment, especially since EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is raising questions as to what it means in practice for companies. We established Security Services as a start-up to respond to our customers’ evolving needs in a fast and agile way. The new services that we are introducing now, , are a good example of the agile start-up mentality and ways of working we are embracing to be able to support our customers in the best possible way,” says Markus Melin Head of Security Services at Tieto.

Already earlier Tieto launched a security monitoring service Tieto Security Wall as core part of the Security Services toolbox. It is a unique C-level tool that offers customers’ visibility, simplicity and protection for their digital assets in one simple view. Extendable with security offering from Tieto and third-party APIs, it provides a powerful management interface to lead and maintain the highest levels of security across the entire business.

“To lead security one needs proper visibility. This we can provide with the Tieto Security Wall monitoring service. Next you will need a security professional to do the actual monitoring and to address this, we decided to strengthen our Security Operations Centre. It is very promising that half of our customers using Tieto Security Wall to monitor their security have also added Security Operations Centre into their portfolio, ” tells Markus Melin.

Tieto’s Security Operations Centre monitors business critical assets and security events 24/7 and tracks global threat landscape, ensuring together with Tieto’s extensive security services ecosystem that incidents will be detected and handled in time to minimize business impact.

To support customers in the selection of most suitable service and level of protection, Tieto also introduced a Security Advisory and Assessment Services through which Tieto analyses organizations’ information security level and highlights the most critical risks and vulnerabilities. This risk assessment acts as a basis for developing the customer’s digital security. Tieto offers advisory in information security, continuity and disaster recovery as well as compliance.

“There is no such thing as perfect security. In our view, the global security landscape in getting more and more complex and thus many customers need to find a balance between security, related investment and continuous risk evaluation. Many Nordic enterprises and public sector organizations increasingly seek consultation in selecting the most suitable services and technologies for their business needs – as a long-time partner of customers operating in several industries, Tieto has an excellent opportunity to become customers’ first choice for their business renewal”, concludes Melin.

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For further information, please contact:
Markus Melin, Head of Security Services, Tieto: markus.melin[at]tieto.com, +358 400 94 1121


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Published on: 
13 May 2016