Tieto innovates growth with new data-driven businesses – Taneli Tikka to lead idea incubation

Tieto sees data as the new water – the prime driver for human experience and economic value in the future. To help Nordic companies to pursue the significant opportunities of the data-driven world, Tieto has established a Data-Driven Businesses unit. 

Tieto aims to co-innovate new unforeseen data-driven services and business models. The company’s new Data-Driven Businesses unit develops data-based ideas and turns them into mature business opportunities via idea incubation and commercialization – following lean startup methods.

“Our aim is to make the future more intelligent with data. Be it by making buildings more intelligent or creating personalized, better services with advanced analytics – it all starts with data. We have already started to generate and deploy data-driven ideas together with our customers and ecosystem. There is clearly demand for co-innovation around data, as the response from the market has been extremely encouraging,” explains Ari Järvelä, Head of Data-Driven Businesses.

Tieto has appointed Taneli Tikka as Head of Innovation Incubation within the new Data-Driven Businesses unit. His role will be incubating new data-driven ideas by implementing a global growth mindset and coaching.

“We warmly welcome all ideas from our ecosystem. With us any player can access a unique environment to develop a data-driven idea with the best possible coaches, owing to Tieto’s unique position to match the best partners and global technologies. In the past two years, Tieto has already established three internal startups, so I can say with confidence that we have great insight within the company into how to drive agility and faster time to-market,” says Tikka.

In addition, Tieto has appointed Fredrik Ring as Head of Commercialization within the new Data-Driven Businesses unit. His role will be accelerating new innovations into proven businesses.

The Tieto Industrial Internet startup is now called Internet of Things 

The Tieto Industrial Internet startup will change its name to Internet of Things and will continue to operate as an internal startup, now within the Data-Driven Businesses unit, and will continue to be led by Taneli Tikka.

“Seeking the best solution in an agile way is in every startup’s DNA. This has also been the case with the Tieto Industrial Internet startup, which has been piloting innovative new ideas for two years. From the initial ideas the team has created new services for our customers in a fairly short time frame. Now it is the ideal time to integrate part of the offering into Tieto’s Industry Groups to bring them even closer to customers and also realize the full benefits of all Tieto’s resources,” says Tikka. 

With services and offerings like the Tieto Connect Platform and the Tieto Intelligent Building concept, Internet of Things will continue its work as an internal startup in the Data-Driven Businesses unit.

“Our journey of turning data into meaningful information and cool new services does not end here – it will accelerate,” concludes Järvelä.
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Ari Järvelä, Head of Data Driven Businesses, ari.jarvela[at]tieto.com, +358 40 840 0915
Taneli Tikka, Head of Innovation Incubation, Data Driven Businesses: taneli.tikka[at]tieto.com, +358 40 7719 828 



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Published on: 
30 August 2016