Sustainable data centres help mitigate climate change

Did you know that our Espoo data centre, Finland, is recycling excess heat from data centre servers to heat houses? In 2015, this heating of houses equaled the consumption of 660 private households. After ongoing expansion of the data centre, the heating capacity is estimated to 1500 households - sustainable IT in a nutshell!

At Tieto, energy effectiveness has always played a central role to help mitigate climate change. We started to explore recycling of excess heat from data centre servers already in the 1970’s. Our new-generation data centre in Espoo has been connected to the local district heating network since 2011. In 2015, it was feeding back excess heat from data centre servers corresponding to 57% of the total energy use in the data centre.

“Minimizing environmental impact is one of Tieto’s sustainability objectives.  In 2015, our energy recycling solutions helped reduce Tieto’s reported CO2 emissions by 2 373 tons,” says Christoph Lindemann, Head of Infrastructure Foundation Services, Technology Solutions & Modernization. “Based on our data centre strategy we are continuously replacing old data centres with more energy efficient alternatives, increasing server virtualization rates and utilizing smarter cooling solutions. In two of our data centres we are recycling excess heat from data centre servers to warm up nearby buildings. We believe this is the best way to enhance the energy efficiency of our data centres.”

Environmental consideration is part of the design criteria of Tieto’s new-generation data centres. In the Espoo data centre, new intelligent cooling solutions will help optimizing temperatures in server rooms. Furthermore, the traditional battery based UPS system (Uninterrupted Power Supply) will be replaced with a Rotary-UPS system, helping to reduce harmful waste. In connection to the expansion, one of Tieto’s oldest data centres in Finland will be closed down.
In May this year, we also entered an agreement in Norway with Green Mountain data centre. In this data centre, the IT infrastructure is cooled by cold water from the adjacent fjord. In addition, Green Mountain’s data centres operate solely on renewable energy, thus truly support our sustainability aspiration.
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Our CR performance in 2015 is available in our Corporate Responsibility Report 2015


Kia Haring
Head of Global Communications and Corporate Responsibility
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