Industry Clouds – the next generation of cloud

The future of cloud services will be in Industry Clouds. So far, most cloud services have been general standard services, available to businesses in all industries. This is not enough any more. Tieto answers the demand of our clients by providing cloud services meeting the industry requirements in a more comprehensive way. We call them Industry Community Clouds.


By continuously investigating what specific industries need, we package services into suites of Industry Cloud solutions, that are fully compliant, secure and tailored for a certain industry.  This will allow our clients to get started more quickly with cloud services and ensure a safe transformation. 

This is the next generation of cloud

Tieto believes that the future of clouds is in Industry Community Clouds, but not isolated to a specific industry. Instead, they will be part of larger ecosystems, where information, goods and services will be exchanged in digital market places. This will create new opportunities for citizens, enterprises and society.                         

Business value of Industry Clouds

  • lower entry barrier to cloud adoption
  • cost efficiency
  • speed, agility, future proof
  • safe data residency 
  • compliant to specific industry requirements

Examples of our Industry Clouds    

  • Government Cloud – highly secure and compliant with laws and regulations. 
  • Finance Cloud – PCI-DSS compliant
  • Manufacturing Cloud – distributed capacity
  • Media Cloud – enabling a new way of running business in the digital market place
  • Energy Industry Cloud – customized for the Nordic market, enabling scalable core operations and cost prediction, ensuring competitiveness

Tieto's Industry Clouds are services managed by Tieto, fulfilling requirements specific for an industry. In addition, the suites include care, integration and transformation services.


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