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Future of business transformation market research

According to Tieto’s recent study on the future of business transformation, technology trends such as mobile, social media, M2M, big data and cloud are rapidly changing the ways in which we do business. A full third of respondents expect their industries to completely transform by 2020.

Among the CEOs interviewed, 42% say that the industry in which their organization operates will in six years’ time bear little resemblance to how it looks today. This transformation is caused by technology trends, such as mobile, social media, M2M, big data and cloud. At the moment, social and mobile are the most evident trends, as 54–55% of respondents call them “already crucial” for their business.

About the study

In fall 2013, Tieto conducted a study together with Kairos Future on the future of business transformation, based on qualitative and quantitative research. The study included an online survey, distributed to executives in Sweden, Norway and Finland, with 500 respondents. A majority of the respondents were members of the C-suite or business unit directors. The survey was supplemented by industry executive roundtable discussions, held in Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki. 

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