Businesses and lives are digital. Effective security calls for a combination of visibility, simplicity and protection.



Security solutions for a hybrid, digital world. See how managed security services from Tieto help you to manage your people, processes and data with the highest possible levels of security and resilience.

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    Tieto Security Insight is a unique C-level tool to correlate information and show your organisation's aggregated security posture. Extendable with security offering from Tieto and third-party APIs, it provides a powerful management interface to lead and maintain the highest levels of security across the entire business. Gathers and integrates data from a variety of different sources, giving decision-makers at all levels real-time insight into security risks and new and emerging threats.
    Tieto’s 24/7 Security Operations Centre monitors business critical assets and security events round-the-clock, and follows global threat landscape, ensuring that incidents will be discovered and handled in time minimising business impact.
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    Threat and vulnerability management is an ongoing process of identifying risks across the IT Infrastructure, correlating it with business context and threat landscape. Incidents are addressed by streamlined processes, minimizing impact to business.


    Endpoint security provides protection for any device against malicious code and other threats, including advanced malware. It helps in keeping IT environment safe and compliant. Devices are protected on premise or mobile, always in real time.

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    Content protection solutions reduce business risk caused by loss or misuse of information by safeguarding customer’s data in rest and motion – on premise or in the cloud. Service helps maintaining compliance with standards and legislation, and protects customer’s intellectual property and reputation.


    Identity and Access Management provides secure processing and governance of user identities and access, ensuring that users have safe access to the right systems and applications, from where they need it, when they need it and how they need it.

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    GRC and Assurance help operational security to maintain continuous compliance reducing audit overhead and burden. Focused and periodic security testing ensure that protection measures and processes are in place and effective.


    Border protection provides advanced security in internal network or at the gateway, protecting business applications and end users’ internet use. Internet facing applications and infrastructure are protected against modern attacks, keeping customer’s business running and reputation intact.


    General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will significantly affect all organisations in the EU. The new legislation will come into effect in spring 2018. The sooner your organisation finds out what changes are needed to comply and takes the necessary steps, the better off you will be. This is also a great opportunity to sharpen your processes and brand image as well.

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    General Data Protection Regulation in 97 seconds



As a vendor-neutral managed security services provider, we ensure you get the best possible security products and services for your needs, drawn both from our own innovative portfolio as well as our large partner ecosystem of market-leading names and disruptive new startups on the market.

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