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Tieto to develop new digitally empowered customer experience for FOREX Bank
Tieto to develop new digitally empowered customer experience for FOREX Bank

FOREX Bank has chosen Tieto for developing and renewing the customer experience in their digital channels. The solution includes a new interface for the internet bank and a mobile bank with full retail online banking service. The new delivery will give FOREX Bank a modern it-environment and a complete end-to-end banking solution delivered as a service. The new contract complements Tieto’s current core banking installation which has been used by FOREX Bank for seven years.

The first stage will entail a new retail online banking service including a new web and a mobile solution. By spring 2015, FOREX Bank should have a completely new digital banking experience in place.

- With our new solutions we will further strengthen the banking part of FOREX Bank’s proposition in Sweden, as well as supporting our market-leading position in travel money in the Nordic region. Tieto is consistently delivering good quality in our core banking solution. This made them our first choice when we wanted to refresh and renew the customer experience in our retail banking services, says Thomas Högväg, acting CEO at FOREX Bank.

- Competition in the Nordic banking sector in optimizing the customer experience will accelerate in the coming years. If customers don’t get rewarding experiences every time they interact with an organisation, they will look for other alternatives. We are pleased to be chosen as partner for FOREX when they renew their digital channel experience. This is also a selected growth area for Tieto, says Per Johanson, Head of Financial Services, Tieto. 

So you've run a hackathon. What next?
So you've run a hackathon. What next?

At the time I wrote my last blog, Lessons in Innovation from the Fazer Food Services hackathon, Fazer Food Services and Tieto had just wrapped up CXHack Fazer after a weekend of frantic innovation. The event was a huge success, and we were all in high spirits - the quality of the submissions had surpassed our expectations and we'd found some brilliant new perspectives on our industry and business model.

There was just one unanswered question: what next? Quite a lot, it turned out! Most notably, we've actually started running a pilot of the winning solution in two of our restaurants. So, after just two months, we've made great progress in using the hackathon model to create value for our business.

Here's a look back at our journey and how we reached this point.


Choosing to run a pilot
As I discussed last time, Fazer Food Services really had no idea what to expect from our hackathon. It was a totally blank canvas for us to experiment with a new way of working, and I personally thought there was about a 50-50 chance of the event actually producing something we could use further down the line.

So, when Better Now won CXHack Fazer with their smart feedback solution, we found ourselves with a fantastic idea on our hands and zero plan in place for our next steps.

Nonetheless, we felt compelled to develop the concept further. With Tieto's help, we set about quickly turning it into a working solution that we could trial in real-world locations.

Not long afterwards, on April 11th, the pilot kicked off at two venues: the Aalto University campus restaurant and the Tieto restaurant. It'll run for three months, and we'll be watching carefully to see how the solution is received by both our customers and our staff.

These ideas hold enormous potential for us. Contract catering is all about making a lot of different people happy, but traditionally we've only been able to gather feedback through intermittent questionnaires and focus groups. Having this high quality data available in real time could make a genuine difference to how we manage our customers' experience, says Simon Panelius, VP, Operational Development, Fazer Food Sevices Oy

Monitoring and measuring
Compared to the average pilot, our process has been a little out of the ordinary. Most organisations will wait until they have a finished solution ready before they carry out a real-world trial, whereas we're still changing ours as we go. Also, we're not just testing whether the solution meets our expectations or not - we're still exploring, with an open mind, how it can create value. Already, early data from the pilot has taught us plenty about the factors that influence response rates, as well as given us some ideas as to how we can make the feedback useful to Fazer Food Services as a whole. We're also looking forward to speaking to our staff about the solution and whether it makes their lives easier or not, and if there's scope to make the feedback more meaningful to them.

Once the pilot is over, we might decide to roll the solution out to other locations. It might even find a permanent home in some of our restaurants. Right now, though, we're still learning, and we're still excited about the possibilities and opportunities.

Driving a cultural change
Moving so quickly from a concept to a pilot has, of course, been a major departure from the way we normally work at Fazer Food Services. As a large organisation, we're simply not used to this level of speed and agility, and our people have had to adapt to a totally new methodology practically overnight.

However, it's also been amazing to see how much enthusiasm and support the idea has generated throughout the business in such a short space of time. It's spread from team to team and inspired a huge number of people to contribute their own great work to the project.

To my mind, this really highlights the wider value of CXHack Fazer and how the hackathon model can help drive a cultural change in an organisation.

All in all, it's been an exciting journey so far. And who knows what else the pilot - or, potentially, the next hackathon - might bring in the future?



Tieto doubles its hackathon efforts before Slush – enters Junction with two challenges
Junction hackathon
Tieto aims to make the future more intelligent with data. Now data is used as a source of new services in Europe’s largest hackathon.
Tieto doubles its hackathon efforts before Slush – enters Junction with two challenges
Tieto aims to make the future more intelligent with data. Now data is used as a source of new services in Europe’s largest hackathon, where Tieto seeks future-ready solutions in two tracks: within the area of IoT and together with UPM.

Junction is Europe’s largest hackathon, taking place just before the start-up event Slush in Helsinki, Finland. It is a converging point for developers, designers, and entrepreneurs from across the world. Junction is held on November 25-27 in Helsinki. This year Tieto is taking part with two challenges.

Tieto’s first track in Junction is to bring buildings into the digital age. The Intelligent Buildings track is hosted by Tieto and the facility services company ISS. The aim is to create a mobile app that supports building operators and maintenance in their daily tasks. Hackers can access data gathered from 6 000 sensors at Tieto new headquarters in Keilalahti, Espoo. Data includes e.g. air quality, indoor positioning and energy consumption data.

The winning team will get a place in Tieto Data-Driven Businesses incubation program. Tieto will finance the development of the most business-ready idea from proof of concept to production. The total value of the prize can be seen to be up to 100 000€.

– We are looking for a solution that takes into account the needs of the user 24/7 and will create a brand new service to help workers in their daily life. At the end, the solution will hopefully makes buildings more empathetic. In addition, I am very happy to offer the most exciting idea from the hackathon the possibility to enter our own Tieto Data Incubator. Together we will take the idea into production, and in the future see it become implemented in intelligent buildings, says Tomi Teikko, Director, Intelligent Buildings.

UPM and Tieto hack the paper industry's supply chain for a better customer experience

In Junction, UPM wants to create new, innovative digitalized solutions for its supply chain. Tieto has been selected to support UPM in this strategic innovation effort.

UPM are producing and shipping a large amount of paper to customers around the globe, something that requires thorough planning and reliable data. With the help of IoT and data analytics UPM wants to innovate new ways of working, to improve both efficiency and customer satisfaction.

– At Tieto, we firmly believe that we can make the future more intelligent via open innovation and data. With the immense amount of information from UPM's supply chain, we can create unforeseen services together with hackers and partners in the ecosystem. Hackathons are a great way to shake up the status quo and motivate to build products and services with superior customer experiences, says Ksenia Avetisova, CX Lead at Tieto Experience Hub.

The UPM track in Junction hackathon is arranged by Tieto's strategic innovation program Tieto XHub, together with UPM and IBM. During this year Tieto XHub has organised a range of open innovation events, such as hackathons, to ensure value creation for customers like Fazer, Cargotec and Elo.

– Tieto has a long history of working together with UPM and with this hackathon we continue to expand our common capabilities and excellence in the data-driven environment. The team is truly excited to use this hackathon as a platform to innovate concrete ideas that bring value for UPM's business and customers, continues Ksenia Avetisova.

On the road to Slush

Junction hackathons are paving the way for Tieto’s participation in Slush. Tieto is participating in Slush 2016 with the aim to boost innovation and growth together with the vibrant startup ecosystem. In Slush, Tieto hopes to meet the best talent in the market and also grow its ecosystem of start-ups.

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Rethinking the supply chain with data

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