Operative management

Tieto Group’s operative management consists of the President and CEO, the Leadership Team and the Industry Group, Service Line and PDS organizations.

The President and CEO is appointed by the Board and he is responsible for the Group’s operative management, internal efficiency and quality.

Leadership Team

The President and CEO is assisted by the Leadership Team, which includes the heads of Industry Groups and Service Lines, the CFO and the head of HR. Appointments of Leadership Team members are approved by the Chairman of the Board based on the President and CEO’s proposal.

The Leadership Team members are accountable for the performance and development of their management areas and they supervise the operations of the units belonging to their areas. As a general rule, the business units in both management dimensions (Industry Groups, Service Lines and PDS) make their own operative decisions and are responsible for conducting their operative duties. Industry Group, Service Line and PDS organizations have a profit and loss responsibility.

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