Remuneration of the Board

According to the decision of AGM 2018, the annual remuneration of the Board of Directors is the following:

  • EUR 36 000 to the ordinary members of the Board of Directors
  • EUR 55 000 to the Deputy Chairman and
  • EUR 91 000 to the Chairman.

In addition, a remuneration of EUR 800 is paid for each Board meeting and for each permanent or temporary committee meeting.

Further, the AGM decided that 40% of the fixed annual remuneration will be paid in Tieto Corporation’s shares purchased from the market.

In addition to the aforementioned share remuneration, the Board members do not belong to or are not compensated with other share-based arrangements, nor do the members have any pension plans at Tieto. Tieto executives or employees are not entitled to compensation for their Board positions or meeting attendance in the Group companies.

Board members